& catalogue essays

"A Little Symphony", for Johl Dwyer, Virtually Virtual, Tim Melville Gallery (April 2017).

On the work of Susan Thomas (July 2016).

"A Fine Line", essay for Ross Ritchie's Drawing from the Past Decade, NorthArt (November 2015).

Essay for Jasmine Kamante & Jesper Sundwall, Ecdysis, Ponsonby Central (October 2015).

"On Form with Function", for group show, Functional, Whitespace Contemporary Art (June/July 2015).

Essay for Cruz Jimenez, Mi Tierra, Sanderson Contemporary Art (June/July 2015).

"Musings on Twinnies", for Julie Ross, Twinny, Whitespace Contemporary Art (November/December 2014).

Essay for Penny Howard, Te Kuri o te Wao, Whitespace Contemporary Art (October/November 2013).

Catalogue essay for private collection of aboriginal art (September 2013).

Essay for Logan Brewer, Waitemata Series, NorthArt (July 2013).

Essay for Cruz Jimenez, Bubble Boy, Sanderson Contemporary Art (July 2013).

Essay for Ross Ritchie, Seeing in the Dark, Whitespace Contemporary Art (May/June 2013).

Essay for Lauren Lysaght, Oubliettes, Whitespace Contemporary Art (September 2012).

Essay for Lauren Lysaght, Red Carpet Ready, Whitespace Contemporary Art (September/October 2012).

Essay for group show, Not for your entertainment, Whitespace Contemporary Art (April 2012).

Essay for Meredith Collins, Finding me, finding you, Whitespace Contemporary Art (April/May 2012).

& Magazines

"Memory Serves: Remembering in Cruz Jimenez’s Viaje". Art New Zealand, 161 (2016).

"Painted Lady". NZ Life & Leisure 65, November 2015.

"Cruz Jimenez". Twenty Artists, Twenty Writers, One New Zealand Gallery. ed. Jane Apperley & Kylie Sanderson. Auckland, Beatnik, 2015.

"Frame of Mind: the freedom of the cage in the work of Louise Purvis". Art New Zealand, 155 (2015).

"Curiouser and curiouser: concerning conversation in Niki Hill's Bizarre Tea Party". Art New Zealand, 153 (2015).

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"Learning to talk about art". Pantograph Punch, 11 October 2013.

"The work of black". Drain - Black issue, Vol. 8, No. 1 (2013).

public Lectures

Co-host of art writing workshop with Dr Ann Poulsen, ArtWeek Auckland, 17 October 2015.

Host for gallery talk for Jasmine Kamante & Jesper Sundwall's Ecdysis, Ponsonby Central, 15 October 2015.

Host of art writing workshop at Pierre Peeters Gallery, ArtWeek Auckland, 10 October 2015.

Host of art writing workshop at Pierre Peeters Gallery, ArtWeek Auckland, 11 October 2014.

Host for Shintaro & Yoshiko Nakahara's gallery talk for Clockwise, Sanderson Contemporary Art, 17 November 2013.

Host of art writing workshop at Sanderson Contemporary Art, ArtWeek Auckland, 17 October 2013.

Panel convener for "Why paint?", a panel discussion with artists Geoff Dixon, Euan Macleod and Gregory Bennet, Auckland Art Fair 2013, 9 August 2013.

Co-host of art writing workshop with Virginia Were (editor, Art News New Zealand) at Pierre Peeters Gallery, ArtWeek Auckland, October 2012.

"Death in the gallery: an examination of death in art", ArtMeet lecture series, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand, 2 July 2012.


Monthly column "See here", Mount Analogue, mount-analogue.com

& Media appearances

"Loose Canons", Pantograph Punch, 16 October 2015.

"Who Arted?", 95bFM, 15 October 2015, radio interview. 

"Visual Arts Interview - Amy Stewart." Craccum. 6 October 2013.

"Arts on Sunday: Amy Stewart of ArtWeek", Radio New Zealand National, 29 September 2013, radio interview.

other published work

Ancient wine, cheesy bread and getting rat-arsed in Georgia.” The Spinoff. November 2018.

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"Local hero." Cuisine 167 (November 2014), p. 42-43.

"Three's company." Cuisine 166 (September 2014), p. 50-51.

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‘”Che Bohème” to “Cliché Guevara”', The European Connection, No. 13 (2009), 47-54.