Full disclosure: I use Pinterest, and have done for some years. I'm original Pinterest - back when you needed an invite. I have a board called "Things to do when I finish my MA", which I finished in 2012. I've done the quilting course (but never finished the quilt - the borrowed machine had a meltdown), baked a rainbow cake, and learned how to throw pottery. And although I have done a great deal of writing for a great many artists, I haven't sat down and committed to a post-a-month, proper essay plan.

At the beginning of 2015 I posted a blog saying that I intended to write more about the art that I saw. It didn't have to be for a journal and the artist didn't need to commission me to do it - I just wanted to write more because I enjoy looking and writing.

No sooner had I put that thought out into the ether than a brilliant friend got in contact to see if I'd be interested in writing a column for her new publishing house, Mount Analogue. Do yourself a favour while you're here and go and explore the website - it is awash with strong creators. It's a real privilege to be among them.

I'll be writing this column, See Here, monthly, on whatever work I've seen that month that really got to me. 

Have a read.